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BO Connors

M/M Romance Author

About BO Connors

Mr. Connors, was born in Rosedale Maryland, He comes from a very big family. he has one older brother, and many younger sisters. and a hand full of nephews and a niece. He suffers from a learning disability, along with many mental health problems.He has always enjoyed reading and writing romance novels, but never thought about ever having his work printed. due to him not being able to read or write.growing up he was the black sheep of the family and never has he belong within his family, or any where, and having to deal with being bisexual all alone. years later, he moved to Pennsylvania a state he always loved and wanted to live. he has self published his first book in December 2019, Forbidden Hunt. that can be found on kindle as a softback book. and in January as a eBook. when reading keep in mind his disability, and understand his fan base is LGBT males 16+. There for his writings do not go into great sexual detail. BO is-also a archer, he loves crossbow hunting, you can also find a link to his hunting blog here on his website. As of present he continues to live and write, in Gettysburg PA. 


My Books

Forbidden Hunt 

this is a eBook and will be available Scheduled for January 23, 2020 on Kindle you can per order now on Amazon. $2.99 usd

Forbidden Hunt

softback is available for $5.99 on Amazon.

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